Background Checks for Long-Term Tenants

Whether you’re a new campground owner wondering how to vet long-term guests, or you’ve had one too many bad experiences, RentPrep can help. RentPrep has been providing background checks for landlords since 2007 and Campspot has partnered with them to give Campgrounds an easier way to find peace of mind when it comes to filling your park with the right people.

Why RentPrep?

✓ Quick sign-up
✓ No monthly minimums, maintenance, or sign up fees (true pay-as-you-go service)
✓ Comprehensive and highly accurate reports
✓ Industry-leading customer support, including a Live Chat option,
✓ They provide the option for custom background checks & TransUnion Full Credit reports
✓ The only screening company that can add Judgment & Liens searches to a TransUnion Full Credit Report order
 ✓ A robust resource center

Campspot customers can get 10% off RentPrep screening products; just use the code CAMPSPOT10 at checkout.